We pride ourselves on being a reliable and affordable garage! Based in Scopwick, we provide a variety of services to all of our customers. Established in 1944 we pride ourselves on giving an honest, friendly & personal service.


Whilst MOT’s are integral to keeping your car on the road, services are also vital to your cars health and performance. There are three types of services that your car will need. These are:

Basic Car Service: The basic car service is also known as an ‘interim’ or ‘bronze’ service. Designed for high mileage drivers that cover around 20,000 miles or more a year that could require more than one annual service.

Full Car Service: The full car service can also be known as ‘silver’ or ‘intermediate’. Recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles. This is ideal for drivers that have a low annual mileage and will.

Major Car Service: A major service, also referred to as ‘Gold’ or ‘Master’ is recommended every 24 months or 24,000. The major service is one of the most comprehensive service packages available.


Tyres starting to wear thin? Then its a good thing that we stock a wide variety of tyres for cars & light commercial vehicles. Our tyres will meet your needs and budget! With a free fitting service whilst you wait, our mechanics will ensure you drive away with brand new roadworthy tyres set to the correct tyre pressures. We also provide wheel balancing and alignment services alongside puncture repair and steering adjustment so your car drives perfectly!



With our services we also provide an optional ‘while you wait’ service. This is for when you would like to wait in the garage for the repairs or services to be carried out on your motor. With this service we provide free access to our WI-FI alongside free hot drinks from our drinks machine!



It is very important to know your cars dashboard warning lights & what they mean. When a warning light comes up on the dashboard, the safest possible thing you can do is to pull the car over if you don\’t know how serious the problem could be. Below is a breakdown of what each warning light means and how best to proceed.


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